I’ve Got Mail!

In school, we had a topic on letter writing. I always chose formal letters. They were short, scoring. I don’t think I have ever written an informal letter unless compelled to. The prospect of writing to a friend or family and getting it corrected marked by a third person didn’t find any favour in me. These are supposed to be personal, with emotive warmth, soothing. I did not want to get marks by laying bare my personal thoughts to some other person. Continue reading I’ve Got Mail!


Songs that Defined My 2018

This is a late, late 2018 hangover post. I should have been done with it earlier but procrastination got the better of me. I have never been much of music connoisseur. Ever since my schooldays, I have been suggested songs to listen and shared with. That practice hasn’t changed much. People still suggest songs to me and this activity has led to the development of some really cherished friendships. My Aekla Cholo Re credo doesn’t hold much ground here. Whenever people suggest me or share with me songs, I associate a distinct memory of mine with the song. So, whenever I listen to it again, the song reminds me of those memories. And such memories lead the way to more posts such as this.

Here’s a big thank you to all those who suggested me songs and made my 2018 musically awesome and for lending my brooding self some much needed warmth. I wish all of them a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 2019!

Here’s my 13 songs for 2018. (Click on the name of the song to go to YouTube.)
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The Year That Was – 2018

Time for some it flies, for others it drags. For me, this year it was mostly the former.

I didn’t make any resolutions this year. Left such long ago. I couldn’t keep up with them. Resolutions with an expiry date of barely a few days doesn’t serve any purpose. Rather it was mostly about wandering and coming upon opportunities. The decisions I took were all that made the difference and unlike the previous years, I can end this year with a smile and in high spirits.

Thus, here are a few moments from my 2018 when I felt happy, when I felt proud and when I felt grateful.

January, 2018

Tata Crucible.

Winning my first major national level quiz at Chandigarh with Rajenki. There couldn’t have been a better way to start 2018. To those who know me, would very well attribute to the fact that I sulk a bit too often, take in failures too much to my heart. It wouldn’t do well to extrapolate much about it here. Truth be told, I was never confident of winning in Chandigarh. I had enough confidence to make it to the final 8 and perhaps with a bit of luck getting the runners up position. Pressing the buzzer at the very last question and speaking out the correct answer and getting the first position is something I still dream about – How did I do it? Continue reading The Year That Was – 2018

Ye Jo Khushi

When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you achieve it – Paulo Coelho

Ever since my schooldays I have loved October. To me it meant the end of my second terminal examinations, a thing which I used to do better than I supposedly do now in college. I wasn’t really that afraid of the papers – I enjoyed it. The weather was better, afternoons less hot and I could laze around the house reading, watching TV or just day dreaming, counting days left until Pujo and talking to myself while others slept. There was not much to do. I used to look forward to the Pujo edition of Graphiti which used to come with The Telegraph. Stories of old, doodles by Biplab Deb and amusing myself with the repartee of the columnists. Derek still used to maintain his quizzing column with occasional questions from his father’s DI Quiz. Pujo for Bengalis is not only restricted to devotion – it’s an amalgamation of spending days shopping when even the most serious and easily irritable Baba left his newspaper or sports to lend his decision (and open his wallet) on the quality and showed his bargaining prowess (which until then was a quality only accorded to the missus of the house), of being carefree and given the freedom to stay until 8 at night, of being given an allowance for Pujo, of binge eating on golgappas, ice creams, chats, chowmein and not being scolded for it. To some it also meant trying to find that someone special in the crowds of the pandal and spending hours dreaming. It was when the word crush just meant a physical activity and infatuation was yet to come into my vocabulary. The disappointment was never to last long – there were many pandals, many hopes, many stories yet to be written. Bengalis have humanized their favourite deity – goddess Durga and is worshipped as much as demon-slayer, bringer of justice as a daughter returning to her home, Earth with her children, their mama bari. To me it also represented a time when social networks were yet to pervade our lives and special Pujo ads meant for a specific demographic didn’t attract FIRs as it does now. So much for being connected! Continue reading Ye Jo Khushi

The Joy of Achievement

April 2018.

How does one feel when a dream which has been kept confined for years suddenly becomes real? How does one feel when The Dream which has never been shared with anyone else finds an echo in another soul and then reflects back with such force and optimism that nothing can stop it from coming out in the open? How would you describe perhaps the only moment whence you feel proud of yourself?

Borrowing the title of this post from a book (which I am yet to read) would be in complete symbiosis with my thoughts and emotions. I should have done this post long ago lest the day fuzzies out of my mind and withers away into oblivion.  Days have passed since 14th April, 2018 and now in August I hope to remember enough to warrant this writing. Ever since my school life I have wished to travel and win quizzes. The two never coincided. Till now. Continue reading The Joy of Achievement

Thapar ke Raste

I have this strange desire of being around less and less people. A group doesn’t suit me. I prefer solitude and some me-time. This desire doesn’t stem from the fact that I am doing something substantial in life. It’s far away from it. Just alone. I am not an artsy person who would make able use of the time. Just shy of being a introvert when it comes to communication.  Continue reading Thapar ke Raste

How We Overcame Sophos and Won Tata Crucibles

sophos: (verb) the act of being denied access to an online resource in Thapar due to botched up mentality of the administration;
(noun) the great Firewall of Thapar erected by The Holiest, The Venerable, The Sanctimonious, The Greatest of The Greatest, The King of the Kings, The Ignoramus – Center for Information Technology and Management (CITM, TIET) to protect the soft and innocent students from the harsh vagaries of the Big Bad World;

Sigh! I didn’t mean to start off like this. But circumstances have changed. Sophos is activated and hell took a new name and verb. To the uninitiated, this is the name of the network infrastructure used by Thapar to provide internet services.

Say hello to Sophos!
No Access
The Firewall in Action! Three Cheers!

The start of every new semester brings in new hopes, new positivity and new dreams of ‘undoing’ the wrongs of the previous semester. It starts with a quiet and solemn but seldom kept resolution of maintaining a notebook for each subject. The desire to attend classes to not be in a position to cringe and beg for the 75% at the end of the semester. Also, a little promise, a prayer of sorts meant to the powers that be for good grades. So much of optimism, isn’t it? If only I could live up to my words… Continue reading How We Overcame Sophos and Won Tata Crucibles

A Random Assortment of Images Part 2

It shouldn’t have taken long for this come up. I have got no particular excuses other than eating and sleeping and even more eating during my visits to home. December is always a fantastic time in Jamshedpur. There’s the warmth of the day, the cold of the night and the ever dependable spicy and absolutely heavenly (to those who have already been deceived in Delhi and Bombay specially) golgappas and littis for company. I almost forgot about the tilkuts, those sweet saucer shaped delicacies made from the sesame seeds.

Perhaps, I am too taken up with the food in this place which made me ramble on for no reason at all. So be it.

Some Railway Journeys

I have been a fan of railways ever since my childhood. The colours, the sounds, the abysmal food of the pantry cars, the selling cry of Chai! Chai! beginning at 7 in the morning and continuing till 11, the grumbling of irate passengers of the train being late, the Great Adjustment Game which starts with the meeting of a 20 something-alone-male traveler and the Indian Family who got separated when their seats got confirmed at the last moment or just simply a game of ludo or some good ol’ talks with complete strangers. A complete potpourri for an interesting travel story. Such things have never ceased to amaze me. Continue reading A Random Assortment of Images Part 2

A Random Assortment of Images Part 1

The year is coming to a close and it suddenly dawned upon me that I have been seriously negligent towards my blog. At the beginning of the 2017, I had taken up a resolution – More blog posts and more reading and writing. Sigh!

Seldom has any resolution of mine made its way past January. I am very at it.

But I don’t really have anything to post here. So much for writing. Meh! After going through my computer, I came across some of the images I have taken over the past month. I have this tendency of taking photos of whatever catches my eye. There isn’t a single one of me though. I don’t generally boast of my skills (not that I have any except being the sole maintainer of my blog). I thought that I could do something worthwhile with these. Quick and easy way out. Continue reading A Random Assortment of Images Part 1