First Terminal Examination Balderdash (PART I)

Examinations?? Who was that goat who coined the term?  Where is he? Who the hell he was?  My wind went something like this. . . . .

The day was 18th July, 2012 and I just came out of class XI ‘B’ after answering my last paper – Geography.  It’s not that I am studying in XI. .  in reality I am just a fellow in class X. Wow! I have boards in March 2013 and I am not at all serious about it!! What an amazing thing! People (mostly my friends) call me a topper so the usual thing that you would come across is that I would have done WONDERFULLY in my examination. But let me tell you guys it’s exactly the OPPOSITE.  My first term exams went bullshit.

Let me give you a detail plot of the run up to the exams to the day it ended.


Day – May 21st 2012

Soham Banerjee is happy. Soham Banerjee is smiling. The reason being those dull and boring extra classes of Biology were at last over. Let me tell you frankly that I am not at all interested to know what does ‘medulla oblongata’ do in our mind or even what are the foods with which those greenish beings satisfy their stomach. I practically slept during those 1 hour classes of tedious biology. But at the same time who was awake?  Except for a would-be neurologist and another fella no one was even paying a damn attention to what the teacher was speaking or even drawing on the board.  Mind you the teacher is very much like Leonardo da Vinci in her profession – from explaining the minute details of the interior of our brain to drawing our eyeball on the board.  But sadly for her we were just a bunch of dumbos in her class or to put it simply in her subject. One of my friends found a new way of pronouncing ‘oblongata’ which gave us all a hearty laugh and helped to break the monotony of the class.  For me I was no Albert Einstein who will stay those biology problems longer.  So while my eyes were open mine mind went off to a virtual world of dreams, fantasies and food.


Day – June 11th 2012

Our school reopened!!

This work is not yet complete. Stay tuned for more! Till then keep reading!!


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