Class Compiled – No Syntax Errors

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They are not fond of rules and have no respect for status quo.  You can quote them, disagree with them,  glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.

A Tale of of IX A and X A


“Where you all have been?” asked the angry face of our Teacher A to the group of boys sweating hard after playing a good game of football during their games period.

“Do you know how much late you have been? . . . 10 MINUTES! What were you all doing outside?  Playing? Couldn’t you all hear the bell? Now stay outside and I will report it to your class teacher!” said the person who had just entered the class 10 minutes late and found half of the class empty. Only the most responsible, obedient and the diligent persons on this Earth sitting inside the stuffy classroom of Std.  IX A and giggling at that group of boys who were having a nice time outside relieved that at least standing outside was much better than sitting inside and learning how our kidney works and how our urine is formed. Boys will be boys they will not change.

It’s not that at that time Std.  IX A was devoid of boys.  It had a few of them, who were struggling to keep themselves between the worlds of devilish and angelic, responsibility and an exodus to outside. Among the few of them was my already exhausted body which somehow managed to reach the class before teacher B.

“I will tell your class teacher about this. Last class it was the same case. ” said the already fuming teacher who just opened her Concise Biology X book and flipped opened the pages to Excretory System.

“Yes teacher you should tell C Teacher. When we told them to come they simply refused to come.” cried some of the girls in unison with an air of audacity mixed with a fear of being reprimanded from the boys.


“So you all think that since you made it to IX A you know everything? No other class is like you are. They are so well mannered and so obedient.” said a angry Teacher X who just realized that in her 5 minute absence from the class no one except again one of those diligent beings have done the work which she had given them and expected the class to be ready with it when she comes back.

“Std IX B is much better than IX A! At least they do their work on time and submit their copies with their work completed.” said the person whose fiery words just a few minutes earlier had got the whole class to again lamenting their fate.

The very first day of our arrival in this so called ‘famous’ IX A was mixed with feelings of ecstasy, anger and sadness. Ecstasy or Happiness that we (girls and boys) at last made it to this class much to the happiness of our parents who had during our Class VIII third term infused in us the craziness to get into SCIENCE WITH COMPUTER APPLICATIONS STREAM. With an air of pride they said, See my son/daughter is in Science with Computer Section. An environment of anger surrounded our young souls whenever we used to hear the phrase ‘don’t think that since you are in IXA you can do whatever you like’. We felt that this sentence was stuck in our teachers lips as mobile phones are on our ears when our lovers call. This phrase was used so often that it became an ‘excuse’ of teachers to scold us when we are having just a little Golden School Life Fun. Teachers we are no that much stupid that we will allow our life to go waste being a vagabond in life.

We agree that at sometimes but what we are just a bunch of 15+ teenagers with endless energy! Here I would like to repeat what the yesteryear famous and of course drop-dead gorgeous actress Marilyn Monroe said ‘I am selfish, impatient and a little insecure, I make mistakes. I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst then you sure as well don’t deserve me at my best.’

But who is going to pay a damn attention to what a 15+ says?  Well not many but still a few are there who will try to waste their time for us. A salute to them!!


So we came to Std.  X A. The batch size down to 47 from 50. A new classroom, few changes in the faculty line up and we are ready to go!! Woohoo what a ride it would be we thought! Class X . . .  the godforsaken ICSE Board Exams next year. . . .  this would be the year to prove ourselves. . .  this would be the year which we will cherish through our entire lives. . . this would be also THE year when we (for some of us) are together for the last time. Cause we don’t know what does the future have in store of us. I believe that no matter how much we work hard in the end we are controlled by our fate. FATE. . .  FATE. . .  FATE.

Let’s keep all these gyan aside and focus on ‘THE CURSE OF X A’.  Oops! I forgot to tell you about the most famous curse of 2012 which you will hear about.

X A is thought to be the cream of the school. But unfortunately we do not even pay a damn attention to X ‘A’. We are all busy in our own hanky-panky lives. Once a teacher comes into the class we are first question ourselves “Can _______ really handle a bunch of Angels & Devils like us??” A few minutes into the class and we get the answer. The Angels (read the girls) are really angelic in their attitude while us. . .  The Demons (read the boys) are deficient in following rules and the word ‘keep quiet’ does not exist in our dictionary. The end point is that the Demons come to their real self and unleash the frantic atmosphere with jokes, loud talks and of course staying out of the class and mocking those Pretty-Young-Bibliophiles. The teacher goes crazy. When I say crazy take it to be really mad at us.

But what can we do? Is there a solution?  If yes please let me know.

Now let me stop beating round the bush. What will happen if you are always admonished for being yourself? What will happen if a person is scolded for 2 years? Now that was only a single person. The question is what will happen if a whole class is treated in that way for 2 years? What will happen to their morale . . .  their confidence . . . how will they learn to trust their inner self. ? No doubt there is a degree of love and compassion behind the scolding but there are other ways to show that love. When scolding did not help then why continue it? Try some other ways.

You all may not realize but deep within all the 47 of us it is like an invincible fire. Raring to burst out, not caring for its immediate effects. 2 years is a long time and within these years we learnt that we have to suffer the curse till we break up or leave. Standard X A is not simply a class that can be subdued by scolding. If people want to go deep into us then talk to us as a mentor not as a friend or as a teacher. Then only you can understand us . . .  feel us.

We are not the usual. We are the unusual. We are not everyone. We are different from the others. We mad. We are the crazy ones.  We are a Class Compiled – No Syntax Errors. We are not only X ‘A’.  We are THE X ‘A’.


5 thoughts on “Class Compiled – No Syntax Errors

  1. @Sannidya – Let me tell u dat since u r not in X ‘A’ any more u don’t know what ‘kaan’ we do. We are much more what to say…. ‘Uncontrollable Bullmen’. If u want to know the real story then ask some1 who has a much more stabilized brain than U.
    No Offence Intended. 😉

  2. tere se acha hum log ka class hai [present ix a].the present x a is nothing more than idioticas loiterring out in the gutters but still the one thing that tr.samina tells about you is correct “YOU HAVE THE WRITERS CAP ON YOU HEAD !!!!”.good going…………………

    1. Saale tumlog ka IX A se accha to X A hai. What the hell do you ninethers do? Follow rules?? Just come to XA once and then see the difference if you can sit still in the last bench without creating dracula noise. If you have the guts then ask any teacher about it.

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