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5th September,2012 = Insanity+Fun+Anger+Teachers

Please note that this post is written entirely by my mind and no one has any involvement in it. In the post I have made some not-so-good comment on girls but that surely does not mean that I hate them. It was just a small bit of frustration on my part and also some of the boys. So please don’t search for me to kill me because you know I wrote this only for SOME of the girls not for all. Please proceed with caution. I again say that without girls we the boys would be useless rascals. Thank You for making this Earth the unique planet with your beauty, smile and of course your loving and caring attitude. Happy Reading!!!!

Lollipop Lage Lu – Yeah! That’s the song on which we, the boys of Standard X danced.  But hey wait that is not the end. 18 Saal Hoye Galak Re, Halkat Jawani and Tip Tip Barsa Pani were not to be left behind. All passions just broke out. The inhibition of discipline could not stop us. Mr.  Kumar, Mr. Rana, Mr. Fazal and Mr.  Pani were the pioneers of this great movement.  They were the leaders. We were the followers. . .  Hats off to you!!!

We did not come to school only to show off our branded clothes, talk to our girlfriends(if there were any!) or just to lose control of our mind in the midst of Bhojpuri songs. We came to school to do something for our extremely beautiful and gorgeous teachers on their day. People please don’t think that I am 100% honest cause I did not mean that ALL the teachers were gorgeous. Some were you know of that kind whom I would not mention. . . . . Continue reading 5th September,2012 = Insanity+Fun+Anger+Teachers