5th September,2012 = Insanity+Fun+Anger+Teachers

Please note that this post is written entirely by my mind and no one has any involvement in it. In the post I have made some not-so-good comment on girls but that surely does not mean that I hate them. It was just a small bit of frustration on my part and also some of the boys. So please don’t search for me to kill me because you know I wrote this only for SOME of the girls not for all. Please proceed with caution. I again say that without girls we the boys would be useless rascals. Thank You for making this Earth the unique planet with your beauty, smile and of course your loving and caring attitude. Happy Reading!!!!

Lollipop Lage Lu – Yeah! That’s the song on which we, the boys of Standard X danced.  But hey wait that is not the end. 18 Saal Hoye Galak Re, Halkat Jawani and Tip Tip Barsa Pani were not to be left behind. All passions just broke out. The inhibition of discipline could not stop us. Mr.  Kumar, Mr. Rana, Mr. Fazal and Mr.  Pani were the pioneers of this great movement.  They were the leaders. We were the followers. . .  Hats off to you!!!

We did not come to school only to show off our branded clothes, talk to our girlfriends(if there were any!) or just to lose control of our mind in the midst of Bhojpuri songs. We came to school to do something for our extremely beautiful and gorgeous teachers on their day. People please don’t think that I am 100% honest cause I did not mean that ALL the teachers were gorgeous. Some were you know of that kind whom I would not mention. . . . .

Some goat said that Life is not what you think.  It will not go according to your plan.  Undoubtedly that Idiot Man was right. 5th September,2012 @ School did not go according to our plan.  Thanks to SOME (not all…. girls are nice!!!!)  girls with their goddamn attitude who think that they are the world’s best and we boys are there just for creating chaos

The programme.  Well truth to be told there were only 3 things to appreciate on the whole.  First, the dance by Standard X girls then the dance by the Standard VIII boys.  But the ultimate will remain the Gangs of  ________ film.  Now time for the judgement.  The report card.  The songs. . .  Oh! God. . .  I felt that I was in heaven with the essence of hell. I still liked the Bieber for company. The song – Luka Chuppi Bahut Hui from Rang De Basanti was a bold attempt.  I appreciate that. This song brings a tear to my eyes every time I hear it.  I can’t resist. The passion inside me is irrestible.  I may be mad. I know that.  Lata Mageshkar, the greatest of the greatest and A. R. Rahman, the Indian Hans Zimmer brought forth this wonderful song for the ‘thing’ in everyone’s heart to explode. But what I heard today was the worst renderation of the song I have ever heard. No feelings man! Okay I understand that no one can be Lata Mageshkar but at least you can have some  feelings for the teacher atleast! God knows what how my ears and my heart tolerated the 3 minutes and 45 seconds. That’s it let me proceed on to the surprise event of the day.

In between my friend, Mr.  Srivastava made the following post on Facebook –

“____ might be the best scul in the COSMOS…for me…It ll always be…bt there is one thing…in which the scul really lags behind…Its attitude towards the ex students…We, ex students have always loved ____, we have always honored it, we have kept it at a higher position then our sculs! We have always been more attached to our ____ teachers than our present teachers!! Bt what we got…after leaving the scul…is humility…We (Aamir, me, Joydeep, Anwesha and Naira) wr not allowed in d scul premises just for 20 mins…so that we could meet our tchrs, friends and everyone who is a part of the scul! We had to w8 outside from 10:30 to 1:20(almost three hours) in d light drizzle!! This was more than disgusting..I believe we have done our bit for d scul! We always tried to take d name of scul to greater heights, we never let it down!! Bt this was not what we expected! Wat is even worse…Aamir prepared a song for d tchrs last night at 1am in d night!! He was extremely heartbroken when he was treated in such a way!! ____ really needs to improve on this!! No other scul treats their former students as strangers!! Missed the tchrs day a lot! But still…I’ll always LUV ____…:)”

The surprise event – Open Dance.  Cool! The thing which we were waiting for all the time.  Forget the drizzle.  It is the time for having some fun!!!!! 3 big speakers. By big I mean really big speakers were sitting quietly and patiently until the Shake-the-school phenomenon gripped us. But then something happened. . . .

When The Pioneers stormed the stage in the Quadrangle to set the stage on fire they were stopped. A human being came and said, “For whom is this Open Dance?  For the teachers or for you??  If this is for you all then go back to your classes wrap up and take the bus home. . .” (Sorry, I could not reproduce the exact words for I was not one of The Pioneers and was also not physically present at the spot).  This was all. It was enough to spoil the mood.  The song was played.  The teachers stormed the stage while the I-can’t-dance ones stayed back and remained happy by watching others. But no one saw that the whole bunch of The Pioneers and their Followers were just watching the scene from a distance. I was one the mute spectators.  I saw that how the some girls, who were extremely responsible, diligent, teacher’s pet and simply cannot miss a chance to butter the teachers lose their inhibition of discipline and stormed the stage. Girls where are your goodly good qualities now?  The people whom you brand as the undisciplined ones were simply watching your mad behavior. Holding the teacher’s hand, forcing them to dance, requesting, pleading and sporting your most effective weapon of all time – The Angelic Smile you all thought that “Wow! This is the best Teacher’s Day ever.” But sadly none paid even a damn attention to the humans who were just mute spectators to the show. No one came forward and asked them to get involved.

As you know that every cloud indeed has a silver lining. So when we went back to our classes we saw our class teacher draped  in a gorgeous white sari coming to the class with a box of cake and Coca-Cola. Open Happiness – this is what the marketing guys of Coke advertise of their main product and true to their meaning it indeed opened happiness. The teacher shook and shook the bottle and then the spirit came out in the form of a gush of sweet carbonated water on everyone’s clothes and even the classroom. The classroom, the blackboard were all soaked in the Happiness of the sweetened carbonated water. But the best is yet to come. . .

The cake was there. The plastic knife came in and then started the ritual of cutting the cake.  The cake was OK.  But you know what really impressed was the way in which the teacher treated us. She personally made us eat the cake. . . .  the 47 of us. . . .  each one ate the cake from her hand. . . . It was surely the most wonderful sight I might have ever seen. In my 15 years of life I have never ever met a teacher who treated her students like this. I don’t know how I could ever thank this teacher but I would like to say one thing, “Teacher. . .  you are different. . .  different from the others. . .  out of the crowd. . .  you are great…..”

In the end hearty thanks the guys and the gals (of course) who organised the programme taking the pains to create the backdrop, bunking classes, collecting the money from some lazy goofs and of course creating a wonderful day for our teachers. Kudos to you people. I don’t know how the day could have been managed without your endeavours. You are all GREAT!!!


2 thoughts on “5th September,2012 = Insanity+Fun+Anger+Teachers

  1. wat a lot of frustatn u got soham … wel the thng is open dance fact i also agree … i too was the spectator… but thn we njoyed watching and u kno wat our group was danicing down stairs …its all abt how u find ways to njoy … regarding the people who tageed u as undisciplined 1s…. well i wuld say they better learn to follow wat thy preach … just wearing a batch or holding the tag of a senior dsnt give any1 the rit to rule over others….and stp ths hippocrisy policy tht u follow…. b a leader by quality nt by show….

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