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The Python Learner

Well I have been learning Python for quite a few time now with help from Learn Python the Hard Way Book.  About 2 weeks have passed since I started this new activity. After ICSE’13 life is a big bore.  So I tried to do something constructive.  After seeing Aviral Dasgupta, Sai Vineet and Anurag Sharma coding in Python I too was intrigued to try my hand in it. Right now I have basically done some really small programs as I am currently in a learning mode. But I hope that soon I will be able to turn the knob to Experienced Mode. Actually I was earlier a Java programmer (I am still now) but I found it to be really long especially the Input stream, creating object and then converting the String to Integer or any other data type. Further Python is very easy to learn and much more flexible than Java. I am completed wooed by Python

Here I have created a relatively small and childish program dealing with files and directories. The code is also hosted at GitHub.

Here’s the link to the program.


ICSE’13 – Battle of Fate ‘n’ Wits

27th January, 2013 – Oh! So my ICSE Examination will begin from next month. Am I happy about it? Am I nervous?  Umm. . .  The answer to the first is partly yes and partly no while of the second one is definitely a big YES.  Oh god my first public examination and I thought that I will be pretty much screwed in it. So I get down to studying.  I studied like never before. A minimum of 8 to 9 hours a day. Making notes which I never did in my life. And all through this I just kept hoping that my hard work pays off.

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