ICSE’13 – Battle of Fate ‘n’ Wits

27th January, 2013 – Oh! So my ICSE Examination will begin from next month. Am I happy about it? Am I nervous?  Umm. . .  The answer to the first is partly yes and partly no while of the second one is definitely a big YES.  Oh god my first public examination and I thought that I will be pretty much screwed in it. So I get down to studying.  I studied like never before. A minimum of 8 to 9 hours a day. Making notes which I never did in my life. And all through this I just kept hoping that my hard work pays off.

26th February, 2013 – Okay my exams are going to begin from tomorrow and I start getting many Best-Of-Luck calls from my family. So many people are pinning their hopes on me with the largest chunk being occupied by my parents. Yes, I have studied hard, completed my portion well ahead of time and did some quick revision of some of the really so called ‘hard’ subjects. Tomorrow is Mathematics.  Do the guys at CISCE HQ have any feelings for us?  Keeping the first day for Maths??  Not a good decision. But what to do?

27th February, 2013 – The day has arrived. With fear, anxiety, hopes and dreams packed in my heart I left my house for the examination center which by the way was my own school, J. H. Tarapore School. Now that was something soothing to my trembling soul. 2 and a half hour later I emerged out of the hall with doubts regarding my answers making me a bit shaky.

1 exam down now 9 to go. . .

2 exams down now 8 to go. . .

. . .

. . .

9 exams down now ONLY 1 TO GO!!!!

Oh god why does it have to be so late?? Can’t there be any fast forward button to our lives?? The last of the exams was Biology. Now this was a subject where I had faltered. I simply did not want to become a doctor so why to waste my time learning of the antiseptic present in our tears or why to know what is the correct way for the transfer of soil water to the leaves??

Total bullshit.

To top it all off I have a very shitty handwriting which I hope will not drive my anonymous correctors crazy and by the Hand of God I get some decent marks. Oops! I forgot to tell you that for me the decent marks is around 96% which I have a very slim chance of achieving. Now as I was answering the exams a very grim reality dawned upon me that I cannot be the topper of my school. Oh good! What a fantastic prediction! All the girls are undoubtedly more sincere than the boys and so I cannot think why I cannot be the topper. Instead two girls named Soumi Ray and Shailina Monsob will inevitably emerge victorious. Well luck to you girls. You made the day.

While I just try to kill my time by emerging myself in Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham (which I have not done since ages) and Python and some mindless blogging I wish all the survivors of ICSE 2013 best of luck for their future. May you all have a fantastic adventure ahead in your life.

Bon Voyage!

This was my FB cover during ICSE. It tells everything about no??
This was my FB cover during ICSE. It tells everything about no??

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