Waves of Nostalgia

“Recollecting memories of school days is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose and the things which made you what you are today.”

A week or so may have passed since I stepped into the campus of a new school for my +1 and +2 years. A new school, a new experience, a new environment and completely new set of teachers who do not know me. It’s a whole new world for me. Just a few hours into this new setting and I struck down with a bout of nostalgia. . . .

The place where I have spent my 10 years of my life was now left behind but its aroma deep within is still evoking a strong but soothing fragrance from my heart. J. H. Tarapore School had become like a second home for me the moment I stepped outside of its protective zone. Being a student there I never quite realized about this new found home but now the whole thing is coming back to me. My first prize night. . .  my first Maggi Quiz. . .  my first Library book. . .  my first crush (yes, it’s true don’t laugh). . .  my first best teacher. . .

Oh! The wonderful days spent along with teachers and friends. . .  Nargis Ma’am’s scoldings – oh what a delightful spread it was. Sitting in my new school I still dream of that place – My Second Home.

Whatever I am today is just because of the  support that I got from the school. J. H. Tarapore School has not just shaped me IT HAS DEFINED ME.  It has made me what I am today.

The last two years of my life over there from 2011 to 2012 were in a way the most exciting, captivating and vibrant part of school life. Std IX ‘A’ and X ‘A’ – the wonderful time spent in those classrooms will never be forgotten or for that fact any of my batch mates. Setting up a panchayat with Ayush, Saim, Priyank, Rishi, Shamil, Partho, Aman, Rahul, Atif, Abhishekh and of course Nilabh a. k. a Dibs at the back of the classroom still brings a burning desire for those times. The occasional fights with my ‘best buddy’ Shaunak Bhatia takes this Wave of Nostalgia to a whole new level. Eating Priyank and Partho’s masala dosas, sandwiches, apples and paw bhaji out of their boxes right in our Hindi and Physics classes with the teacher present carried an essence of its own. Soumi and Rana’s musings, Raveena’s first bench responsibility, Shailina’s (I think Dr.  Shailina Monsob would be much better suited to her persona) occasional help in Biology is a thing for which I will forever remain her debtor. It was only due to her that I managed to scrape some respectable marks in that dreaded subject of mine. Nisha’s sometimes stupid but relatively funny quotes she used to write on the blackboard compelled me to praise that atleast there is one in the class who understands some standard English. Such great time flew away so quickly. .

And then how can I forget the teachers? Actually a new post will follow thanking them in so till then a word or two for them…

Samina Teacher – Thank you very very much for making my English for what it is today and for lots of other things. .

Madhuri Teacher – Your Yes-No-Cancel will be missed.

Sharmistha Teacher – Your way of teaching Maths still mesmerizes me as well as your scolding.

Sagarika Teacher – Biology would have been much boring if it was not for you.

Piali Teacher – English + Chemistry = Infinite

Vinita Teacher – Your strictness and values will always go down with us.

Smriti Teacher – Thank You for the patience you showed while teaching survey maps. Not even a single symbol could have been interpreted if it was not for your patience and personality.

Sumita Teacher – Physics, Physics and Physics. .  thank you. ..  thank you. . .  thank you. . .

Surya Teacher – Aapke bina Hindi kya hota aur aapke 10 marks ke test ke bina to sab adhure hai

Ritu Teacher – Thank you for demystifying History and decrypting Civics for us. .

Although I may now be away from you all my heart craves for you each second. Without you – friends and teachers, ‘school life’ is completely different…

The Waves of Nostalgia will flow and flow till eternity. No one can stop it. No one can comprehend it but for those who know about it from their heart. . .

Hum rahe ya na rahe kal,  Kal yaad ayenge har pal
Hum rahe ya na rahe kal,
Kal yaad ayenge har pal

6 thoughts on “Waves of Nostalgia

  1. Aww….reminded me of the beautiful time I had at JHTS…and its true,wherever we will be 5,10 or 20 years from now we will always be indebted to our school for making us who and what we are! :’)

  2. I ‘can comprehend it and know about it from my heart’…..
    I was dumb…thank you for giving words to my feelings

  3. gives me goose bumps …and tears too!!! just reminded of my std 10…those moments ..i cherish them… wish i culd cling on to them foreva!!! but like sand thy just flew out of mind hand!!!!..i find myslf so helpless and weak tht i culdnt hold it!!!

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