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Enchanting Kerala – A Picturesque Journey

I went to Kerala (it’s a state in South India)  in December 2011 along with my family on a vacation. I had expected just the usual sights – lungi clad men, coconut trees, beaches, rubber plantations et cetera. But what I really saw there was completely exhilarating and enchanting! Words cannot merely describe the scenes and the serene atmosphere. Truly Kerala is God’s Own Country.
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Kerala 10
Tea Garden – enroute to Munnar

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And the Mountains Echoed – Review

A brother, a sister and a father in 1952 Afghanistan. The siblings separated by desperation of a father.  Yes, it is another Khaled Hosseini. Another story set in Afghanistan – of familial love, separation, harmony and desolation of the motherland. If Kite Runner was for boys, A Thousand Splendid Suns was for girls then And the Mountains Echoed is for brothers and sisters.

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The Prestige – Review

Although this book was released many years ago in 1996, I could not have read it at that time since I was not even born. I recently ‘discovered’ this novel and found it exhilarating. I remember that I have not posted in the last few months so here I am to make some amends. So here is my review of the book.

A novel can be magical, satirical, enhancing, have the elements of romance and revenge but very few of them contain all of them which set them apart. Storytelling is not a matter of frivolous entertainment. It is an art crafted to perfection which reveals the imaginative storytelling power of its master and which takes their reader to their world of charms. The Prestige is one such novel. The Prestige by Christopher Priest is a chimerical triumph of storytelling magic, a fiercely compelling tale of revenge and illusion. Continue reading The Prestige – Review

Receiving the certificate from our Principal Mrs. Lata Sharat.

Graduation Nite Speech 2013

This speech was given by me during the Graduation Day of Standard X for the ICSE Batch of 2013 of J. H. Tarapore School, Jamshedpur on January, 2013. I have been looking for this piece for over a year and at last found it.

It was a chilly evening on 30th January, 2013 but the chill could not dampen our hot and warm spirits.  There were 109 of us graduating from the school and it was an immense occasion for us. I know that this post is very, very late but I consider this piece one of my gems. It is also one of my first speeches which I have written.

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