Receiving the certificate from our Principal Mrs. Lata Sharat.

Graduation Nite Speech 2013

This speech was given by me during the Graduation Day of Standard X for the ICSE Batch of 2013 of J. H. Tarapore School, Jamshedpur on January, 2013. I have been looking for this piece for over a year and at last found it.

It was a chilly evening on 30th January, 2013 but the chill could not dampen our hot and warm spirits.  There were 109 of us graduating from the school and it was an immense occasion for us. I know that this post is very, very late but I consider this piece one of my gems. It is also one of my first speeches which I have written.

Today, it gives me immense pride and pleasure to address this gathering of people, whom I have known and loved since childhood.  Today it’s a special day for all of us. We have spent a great deal of our lives here. This place, this great institution has become a second home for us. Here, we have spent some glorious emotionally vibrant memories which will bring a tear in our eyes during our happiest times and will put a smile on our face during our darkest hour. All these precious moments will be cherished by all of us for our entire lives.

All through these years we have been like one force. We have known success. We have known defeat. We have known hope. This school has nourished each and every one of those feelings. Now, as we are going to graduate from this school, I just can’t find any words to describe my feelings. Nostalgia, happiness, sadness are just rushing through my mind.

Parents, teachers, Lata Ma’am, Nargis Ma’am, Chairman Sir – I, on behalf of the entire Standard X wish to thank each and every one of you for being there for us, for supporting us and for guiding us. A special thanks will also go to our wonderful and beautiful teachers who were like our parents away from home. You have praised us, encouraged us, inspired us and also scolded us to make us into better individuals. We will never forget what you all have done for us. You will always be there in our hearts.

As we graduate, let me tell you people, that your well wishes, your blessings will remain with us in every walk of our lives. The values instilled in us in this school will never be forgotten. In the future, there will be obstacles blocking our way but we promise that we will take the name of our school, our parents and our teachers to greater heights. Our success will be your success, your pride, your happiness.

Let me conclude this speech by quoting a line by Steve Jobs. “Being the richest man in the graveyard doesn’t excite me. But going to bed at night, saying I have done something wonderful today is that what excites me.” Now I wish the same for my fellow graduates and may we be the creator of such wonderful things in Future.

Thank You.

Giving the Graduating Speech.
Giving the Graduating Speech.

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