Oh Masterchef!

Food. Drama. Pressure and Food. In one word it is Masterchef. I have been following Masterchef episodes ever since mid-2011. 3 years down the line and I am still in awe with this incredible and so creative reality show.

I remember that back in 2011 I was starting my gradual switch to English Channels and was just looking for soap or a reality show to cater my needs. Now all the soaps back then were a bit too high for my poor grasping English skills owing to the fast paced US spoken English. Subtitles did not yet accompany the shows shown for the Indian audiences. So as expected my concentration gradually waned after 5 or 10 minutes of watching FRIENDS, Big Bang Theory, et cetera. I was a complete noob back then. Ignorant and so raw. Another reason which prevented me from completing even a single half-an-hour episode was due to the intimate scenes shown. Now, now you must be thinking that what a stupid and idiot I was 3 years ago. But hey wait! Pause a little. Indian society is still not yet developed to handle such scenarios. It is a hush-hush matter meant to be kept private. So PDA is complete taboo here. Now with my parents and grandma around in the same room and me watching such scenes throws a complete embarrassing and awkward situation to deal with. Nobody would say anything but it will surely throw you off your comfort level the next time you try to watch such a show.


Yes I am Hungry too!
Yes I am Hungry too!

Even if I wanted to I couldn’t. So soaps cancelled. Now what? At this precise hour came in Masterchef Australia Season 3 complete with subtitles and nearly understandable level of English. I was overjoyed! Yaay! And since I loved food, this show was like manna to me. George Calombaris, Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan – the judges oh! I loved their charismatic persona so much that at one point of time I wanted to become a chef! Their way of speaking, their comments on the food and the beautiful locales of the shoot simply wowed me. The participants each with a different story and different dream of their own endeared me. Their passion for food, their bonds of friendship in the midst of such a tensed competition made me wonder – Is it really a reality show or a scripted one? But no I was wrong. Their emotions and passions and dreams were true.

Now after 2 years of watching Masterchef Australia sitting in my comfy home in India, I have learned new ways of describing and caress a food, a palate with words. Zest, Acidity, Medium Rare and many words are into my vocab now thanks to Matt Preston. I love and love his way of describing and criticizing the food before him. Earlier if anyone would have asked how I described food I would have used only these words – too salty, its ok, delicious, etc. Masterchef was my gateway to the English drama serials. I now watch Breaking Bad, House MD, and others.

So now Star World India has just started broadcasting Masterchef Australia Season 6 in India. I know that it has already been done with and the winner declared in Australia but I am simply not going to Wikipedia or Google to do away with my suspense. I am rather letting myself enjoy this wonderful, delightful and simply gorgeous food porn. Well it’s been only 3 episodes since 28th July and this time I am supporting Nick and Ben. Let’s see what future unfolds! Till then let me divulge into this delicious and sweet dessert.

Oh Masterchef! Thank You. Happy Food Journey!

Gary, George and Matt
Gary, George and Matt



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