To a Sister With Love

Dear Shreya Didi,

This is going to be long so please bear with me.

It has been a long, long time since we have known each other, isn’t it? From our fabled Cross Road 13 to this day. And all through these years you have been a sister to me, a person whom I can look up to, a person on whom I can place my trust and a person to whom I used to run to for trivial matters which spanned from homework to essays and books. All these years even after you went to Pune, I considered ourselves to be still the same imperfect siblings on whom the gift of maturity was bestowed perhaps late. And then you married. Even after seeing, hearing and believing my heart simply refused to acknowledge that you were getting married. How is it even possible, we are still in school? But slowly the truth dawned upon me. I am not sad that you got married, instead I was the most happiest person on that day and today and that is why I am dedicating this entire post to you.

I simply refused to believe that both you and I have grown up so much.

Growing up was a part which my mind had tried to ignore all these years. It still dwells on the fringes of our childhood. I always believed that I am still a ‘child’ who can make silly mistakes and then laugh upon it. My parents were there as a backup and you don’t get mature until you leave school. Pretty naïve isn’t it? Who is going to say that this is written by a 17 year old about to give his school leaving exams?

I could not come out of my cocoon of nativity but you – no, you are different. Today you have grown up to be the most gorgeous and sensible person I will ever know. Your smile still brings me back those memories of our golden childhood. Your voice reminds me of your acts of vociferously try to defeat Abhijeet Sawant (he was really a bad singer, accept it now).

No you were different. You are my first recollection of a sister. You were, are and will be my first recollection of an elder sister whom I can run to. Thank you, thank you, and thank you so much for all that you have done.

On the afternoon of 11th December, you asked me, “Do you feel it?”  This time my heart echoed, “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” As I was sitting over there, my mind and heart went into an overdrive trying to recollect our earliest memories.

Remember the time when you got a computer on your birthday? You were definitely excited about it but perhaps I, then may be a 7 or 8 year was jumping in my house because this was the first time I saw a computer in my life – so close and touch it. You were the first person who had taught me how to switch on the computer and I recollect that I was jumping with happiness when the task first got accomplished and running off to my mother to tell her about it. Then the games, Roadrash, Spiderman 2, Project IGI and Goofy Skateboarding – the first games we played together. Do you remember the pact we made in which I was responsible for the Spacebar and you for the controls in RoadRash just to beat the hell out of Cydney Bass and becoming the most enthusiastic street racers. The way we used to make jokes as you turned the camera view to face of Jones in IGI as he climbed a ladder just to have a look at his hardened features and the comical way in which he did the act of climbing. And how can I forget about the Start button in Windows? The very first day you had explained to me patiently that it is not used to start any games but programs and how disappointed I had been when my supposition that Windows ships games with it was so wrong. (Psst. .  I still have the RoadRash files. )

You were so excited during my 4th birthday!
You were so excited during my 4th birthday!

Fast forward a few years and enter Aishwarya Rai, Indian Idol and Abhijeet Sawant. Uff! You were the most craziest and excited in this time. The more we derided your idols, the more insane you became in their defense. But you know, I really liked to drive you mad! See what you wrote in my very first slam book which you gave me –

The slam book you filled in 2005
The slam book you filled in 2005
Your obsession. Hmm..

During bhai phota and rakhi I never felt alone. You never let it sink into me. Each time someone told me that who is my own and not cousin your name was the first which came to me lips. And if anyone dared to say that not anyone else but my own I went overdrive in a defensive mode chiding the other person till they believed my point.

Oh my! This is just going on and on and on. So many things to tell and so little space.

Circa 2014. The excitement builds up with each passing day. As each day went by, I just kept counting the days left till 12th December.

And then the most happiest day in your life came. Believe me I have never seen you so much radiating sunshine and happiness through your smile ever in all the days I have known you. Draped in a red benarasi sari, the gold just complemented your attire. As I stepped into the Hall, I stopped. Asked myself, “Is it real?” Yes, yes, yes it is!

Untitled - it does'nt need any words
Untitled – it does’nt need any words

I was quietly observing you. You truly looked gorgeous just no words necessary.

When you were coming down the stairs and proceeding towards the mandap, someone accompanying you accidently crashed with the flower decorations stand and it fell down. You made a bitter face – thinking that just before the start of a new phase in my life, what is this? Arre that stand just fell down – no problems simple. Hakuna Matata. (Oh I noticed that too)

Well you know one thing both you and Pradipto da complemented each other. You never looked so happy during the entire day as was in mandap. Pradipto da is a very lucky man to have you as his soul mate. Did I mention he looked quite well looking and good natured in that bright red half coat?

The Joy
The Joy
Again, again and again
Again, again and again

I wish you both all the very best and may your marital bliss continue till eternity and let love save you from the Oblivion’s Curse. Too poetry isn’t it?

While we were all indulged in the mirth of your happiness only one of us was sad (or looked sad, maybe excited – I could not interpret).

Woof! No one is looking at my new dress. Woof!
Woof! No one is looking at me. Woof!

No matter what anybody says or anything happens you were, are and will remain my sister. That is my vow. I am careless but my heart knows that I have got a person like you whom I can look to.

Wow! You got married.

Me – *happiness personified!*

Thank you for being a sister – this I write with lots of love, emotions and nostalgia. Thank you again.

Your brother.

The million dollar smiles...
The Smiles. The Joy. The Happiness
And I wish you remain as playful and funny as this. *Pogo looks like a bat*
And I wish you remain as playful and funny as this. *Pogo looks like a bat*

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