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A Wintry Morning Post

It’s 8:50 AM and Microsoft’s Weather App is showing it is 15°C in Patiala, Punjab. And there’s Fog. My lips edged itself towards a smile. I love winters and I love fog! Never had I experienced such winters in Jamshedpur where people would rush to the Tibetan Market at the beginning of November when the temperature search on Google barely showed 17°. And there was no fog (read never, except one or two days at the end of December).

View from window at Hostel K
See? Isn’t this beautiful?

Make no mistakes here. I am not from Delhi (so would not proclaim a Dil Walo ki Dilli). Ergo my lungs breathe in fresh air with no PM2.5 gibberish in the atmosphere so my fondness is completely natural. It is not smog. My eyes don’t get irritated and I do not need to cover my mouth. It’s beautiful in here. White. Wherever the eyes go, everything is covered with dew drops. The plants look clean and yes, my cycle is washed every day. Every morning when I rush to the cycle stand to go to my classes, I can see barely 3 feet and it’s so chilly. It’s the best time of the year. People huddle together, come late to class, get reprimanded by the Professors and then go back to their slumber state as soon as they hit the bench. And it is the season of momos and coffee! Two things I will forever be a fan of. Continue reading A Wintry Morning Post


And the Mountains Echoed – Review

A brother, a sister and a father in 1952 Afghanistan. The siblings separated by desperation of a father.  Yes, it is another Khaled Hosseini. Another story set in Afghanistan – of familial love, separation, harmony and desolation of the motherland. If Kite Runner was for boys, A Thousand Splendid Suns was for girls then And the Mountains Echoed is for brothers and sisters.

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The Prestige – Review

Although this book was released many years ago in 1996, I could not have read it at that time since I was not even born. I recently ‘discovered’ this novel and found it exhilarating. I remember that I have not posted in the last few months so here I am to make some amends. So here is my review of the book.

A novel can be magical, satirical, enhancing, have the elements of romance and revenge but very few of them contain all of them which set them apart. Storytelling is not a matter of frivolous entertainment. It is an art crafted to perfection which reveals the imaginative storytelling power of its master and which takes their reader to their world of charms. The Prestige is one such novel. The Prestige by Christopher Priest is a chimerical triumph of storytelling magic, a fiercely compelling tale of revenge and illusion. Continue reading The Prestige – Review

Only Time Will Tell – Review

Only Time Will Tell (Cover)

‘Only Time Will Tell’ is yet another masterpiece from the stable of Jeffrey Archer and the first installment of the Clifton Chronicles. The novel which begins with these words ‘This story would never have  been written if I hadn’t become pregnant. .. .’ is sure to captivate the readers to read more and more until the last page is turned.

Harry Clifton has never met his father for he was dead long before he was born.  But why? This mystery never seems to leave his mind ever since. Every single question on his father is dealt with an unusual answer – ‘Your father died on the Front fighting for the country.’ But young Harry knew that it could not be true after he learned mathematics. He was born in 1920 but the Great War ended in 1919.  This mystery seemed to be unnerving.

Our hero, Harry belongs to a very poor family living in the back lanes of Bristol and his mother a young widow takes on a variety of jobs to ensure that her son gets the best of education.

Harry Clifton has an Uncle Stan who knows the truth to his father’s mysterious disappearance but is simply not willing to divulge the information. What is Harry only left with is one Old Jack Tar, a Boers War veteran and a Victoria Cross holder. But he too is somewhat of a less-divulge-of-information type and never tells Harry about his past. At the same time he captivates Harry’s imagination with his talk on a vast array of subjects which inspires our young man to stop bunking school and pay more attention in studies than being a docker in the Bristol Shipyard. Sounds a bit familiar?

The teen years of our Harry saw his best friend’s sister, Emma Barrington falling in love with him and so from there begins another beautiful story of our Harry and Emma. He eventually made into Oxford University but had to leave the course midway to join Britain’s forces during the World War I, which had been declared. He decided to follow the footsteps of his father and serve the nation in the Navy. He needs experience and so joined a cargo ship.  The German U Boats are out in the Atlantic Ocean ready to strike any British ships. Unfortunately for Harry his vessel was the target on a moonless night. Was he able to save himself? Who was Tom Bradshaw who looked like him but was an American? Why was Tom arrested by the police? If you want to know the answers then read the masterpiece from Jeffrey Archer to find out.

If Harry Potter failed to captivate you with his Tom Marvolo Riddle set back and enjoy this Harry Clifton with Tom Bradshaw to do the magic.

Verdict – A must read. Great novel. Truly a Masterpiece.