FIFA World Cup 2014 Quiz

FIFA World Cup 2014 - BrasilI am big, big fan of the FIFA World Cup and have been following it avidly since my 4th grade. Being a quizzer myself I was looking for some questions on this field. But unfortunately could no longer get past substandard too-easy questions and that too with options. It drove me crazy. So I started curating my own quiz and here is the result. It’s a mixed bag with the questions being on moderate difficulty level. Hope you like it.

You can download this quiz as a PDF from the link given here. Answers are also given.


  1. Before the World Cup, the Trophy was called Jules Rimet Trophy.  What was the name of the trophy before it was called Jules Rimet?
  2. Which goddess’ image was there on the Jules Rimet trophy?
  3. The ship, Conte Verde occupies a very special place in the Tournament’s history.  Why?
  4. What is the official instrument of the 2014 World Cup?
  5. What is the dog, Pickle’s claim to fame?
  6. Why an armadillo is in the news for this year’s World Cup?
  7. In the 1986 World Cup, after a goal a player said this, “The goal was scored by the Head of X and a bit by Y.” Give me X and Y.
  8. La Roja is the nickname of which country’s national football team?
  9. If Shakira is La La La then Ricky Martin is – ?
  10. Only for the World Cup matches, Brazil has allowed the sale and consumption of alcohol back in the stadiums.  What is the name of the law governing this law known as?
  11. What distinction does the French player, Just Fontaine hold in the World Cup history?
  12. What is the contribution of the company, Goal Control in the 2014 World Cup?
  13. In the history of Brazilian Football which event is known as The Maracanazo? This event took place during the World Cup.
  14. The official ball of this year’s tournament is called Brazuca. What does the word Brazuca mean?
  15. What is the most famous contribution of Italian, Silvio Gazzaniga to the FIFA World Cup?
  16. 64 years ago, in the 1950 edition of the World Cup held in Brazil, India was given the chance to take part but did not participate.  Why?
  17. In the 1930 World Cup in Uruguay, what is the claim to fame of Frenchman, Lucien Laurent?
  18. What is the official slogan of the 2014 World Cup?
  19. The FIFA Golden Glove Award is given to the best goalkeeper in the World Cup. After which legendary Soviet player was this award instituted?
  20. The 1970 World Cup in Mexico was the first where the Adidas Telstar with the now common 32 panels black and white ball introduced.  Why was the colour black and white chosen for the ball?
  21. 2010 – Waivin Flag
    2014 – ?
    Fill in the blank.
  22. In the 1982 Spain edition of the World Cup, which event was known as The Shame of Gijon?
  23. Argentine coach Sabella has said that their chances in the 2014 World Cup are very bright with his talented Fab Four. What is the Fab Four?
  24. Which country won the FIFA World Cup the first time when it replaced the Jules Rimet Trophy?
  25. In the 1990 FIFA World Cup when Italy won the Cup, which prolific goal scorer nicknamed Toto played a key role in his country’s fortune?
  26. In the World Cup parlance what is the Phantom of 50?
  27. What is Jarvalesco and Bossanova’s connection to this year’s World Cup?
  28. When Brazil won the World Cup in 1994 for the fourth time, to which sportsperson did they dedicate their win?
  29. Who scored the first goal of the 2014 World Cup?
  30. The 2010 World Cup’s official match ball was called Jabulani. But in the final match played between Netherland and Spain, a golden colour version of the ball called Jo’bulani was used.  Why the name Jo’bulani?
  31. Who is the first person to win the World Cup both as a captain and then as a coach?
  32. Plácido Galindo was the first player to get what in the 1930 World Cup playing for Peru against Romania?
  33. Carlos Caszely of Chile became the first player in the World Cup history to get what in the 1974 edition against West Germany?
  34. Between which countries was the Battle of Nuremberg (football) fought?
  35. What was so special about the Battle of Nuremberg?
  36. Which World Cup winning coach is known as Felipao?
  37. What is common between Mexico’s Antonio Carbajal,Germany’s Lothar Matthäus, and Italy’s Gianluigi Buffon?
  38. During each edition of the World Cup, the Adidas Golden Boot is awarded to the top goal scorer of the tournament. Which is the only player to get the Adidas Platinum Boot?
  39. What is Nike’s motto for this year’s World Cup?
  40. What is the name of the FIFA 2014 World Cup’s logo?
  41. Which Colombian defender was killed when he accidently kicked the ball into his own net during a 2-1 loss to the US during the 1994 World Cup?
  42. What is the connection between Africa and Brazil for this year’s World Cup?
  43. During World War II where did Ottorino Barassi, the Italian vice-president of FIFA hide the Jules Rimet Trophy from the Germans?
  44. For who did the FIFA President Sepp Blatter said that he should have given himself a yellow card for his poor performance during the match?
  45. Which player, whose team crashed out of this year’s World Cup, got a tattoo on his neck with the writing – One Centimeter from Glory?
  46. In this year’s World Cup, Julián Camino is an assistant coach to Argentina’s manager Alejandro Sabella. What is his connection to India?
  47. Whose tweets are these –
    I dreamt of playing with Messi in the @FIFAWorldCup but the reality was better. He does the impossible. #GoldenBall
    Extra-time. I don’t want this to stop. I’m going to see if FIFA will let us play the 2018 #WorldCup now. #ballin
  48. What was England player, Frank Lampard’s indirect contribution to the edition in Brazil?
  49. Which player from Colombia is now the oldest player to take part in a FIFA World Cup?
  50. On which award winning footballer’s leg would one find the tattoo Thiago written?

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