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My Affinity for Emails

I remember it was the December of 2009 when I created my first email address in Gmail in a small nondescript café housed in a ground floor flat in a mostly residential area of an equally small town in North Bengal (which has just 2/3 trains passing through it in the entire day even now). Just 15 computers in a cramped up small room. Going by the young crowd moving in and out of the room, it could have been easily mistaken for a tuition class. The resemblance was too strong. School/College junta with bags drooping over their shoulder – heavy from the books which were supposed to be opened, the occasional banter and the jittery feeling whenever the exam results were out. The café didn’t have a name. The Place was anything but a place for studying. It was place for Counter Strike 1.6, FIFA08 and Need For Speed junkies and for some other stories which would deviate me from my own story. Continue reading My Affinity for Emails


And the Mountains Echoed – Review

A brother, a sister and a father in 1952 Afghanistan. The siblings separated by desperation of a father.  Yes, it is another Khaled Hosseini. Another story set in Afghanistan – of familial love, separation, harmony and desolation of the motherland. If Kite Runner was for boys, A Thousand Splendid Suns was for girls then And the Mountains Echoed is for brothers and sisters.

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The Prestige – Review

Although this book was released many years ago in 1996, I could not have read it at that time since I was not even born. I recently ‘discovered’ this novel and found it exhilarating. I remember that I have not posted in the last few months so here I am to make some amends. So here is my review of the book.

A novel can be magical, satirical, enhancing, have the elements of romance and revenge but very few of them contain all of them which set them apart. Storytelling is not a matter of frivolous entertainment. It is an art crafted to perfection which reveals the imaginative storytelling power of its master and which takes their reader to their world of charms. The Prestige is one such novel. The Prestige by Christopher Priest is a chimerical triumph of storytelling magic, a fiercely compelling tale of revenge and illusion. Continue reading The Prestige – Review

I’m Back

Well its been a long time since I have been away from the Blogosphere. I think it may be about 3 or 4 months since I have posted anything ‘worthwhile’.  I had my own reasons for this kind of stay-away phenomenon.

First of all my second term had been screwed up by me thanks to my overwhelming love for quizzing which I gave during September ’12 in course of my preparations for COFAS 2012 organized by City Montessori School, Lucknow. I tried to stay away from books as far as possible and got hooked up to Wikipedia, TechCrunch….. But I would have to say that at least my hard work paid off. I stood 3rd in the Quiz. Wow!! an achievement for me. I got back and then realized how badly I was screwed up – my exams were round the corner (about 2 weeks) and my portion was not yet complete.  I somehow managed to to get through. But the result dismayed me, ‘de-constructed’ me and left me disillusioned. Thankfully I have got a wonderful person who said just before my Report Card ,”Soham, I am proud of you… whatever you have done this year I am very happy. Just forget about it and I know that you will do better next time.” Wonderful words from an extra ordinarily wonderful person!

Then as a disaster management programme I started working hard for my Pre-ICSE. God knows I gave it. But right now I am no time to lose. My ICSE is coming up on 27th February,2013 and I have to gear up.

So in short to summarize up this long post it means that there will be lesser posts in the days to come. Lesser articles. Till then adios!